CodeGen - A ToolBox for Developers

CodeGen is a secure, high efficiency, and offline-able software, it provides several useful functions

We hope it can save your day from heavy redundant operations and reduce your workload to some extent. Our aim is, to write code more easily by using this software, we promise that we will keep updating its function and putting more useful functions on CodeGen.

Now, we already supported main popular platforms such as Windows, OSX and Linux. At the same time, we also provides the online version of CodeGen ToolBox , you can enjoy the majority of features without installing on your PC. We thought you might like this toolbox, let's go!

Download Software(Web Based Architecture)

CodeGen Online ToolBox has been released now as well.

To use our online toolbox service, please access or . No worries, we will protect your privacy and security just the same. In order to have a better experience for our user, now the user can use the online service without any installation effort. Hoping that you would like it!

CodeGen ToolBox on Docker

Would you like to enjoy CodeGen by simply starting a Docker service? Whatever you want to utilize your idle machine, or manage CodeGen ToolBox by using Docker, now you can do it! Please follow the installation document step by step to start, have a pleasant journey!

CodeGen ToolBox of Desktop Version

Since v1.7.2, CodeGen started supporting desktop version, which means you can use CodeGen ToolBox in your PC without caring for any terminal modal. Not merely does simply support running it on your PC, but also we will add more feature in the desktop version, for instance, take a screenshot, search a dictionary or something else useful. More fabulous features will be released in the future versions, please kindly stay tuned.

Note that the desktop application for CodeGen is still a beta version, by contrast, terminal application would be more stable presently.

Platform Terminal Version(Stable) Desktop Version(Beta) Remarks
Online ToolBox web(v1.8.65) web(v1.8.65) Quickly use majority functions with ease without any installation.
(It will only support non-localization features.)
Docker ToolBox image(v1.8.65) image(v1.8.65) Quickly use majority functions via one-line command.
(It supports non-localization features only due to the limitation of Docker mechanism.)
Windows zip(v1.8.65) exe(v1.8.65) 64-bits only
Linux(X64) tar.gz(v1.8.65) Snap(v1.8.65)
64-bits only for X86_64
Linux(ARM64) tar.gz(v1.8.65) Not yet supported 64-bits only for ARM64
Apple (Intel) tar.gz(v1.8.65) dmg(v1.8.65)
Mac Intel Chip
Apple (M1) tar.gz(v1.8.65) dmg(v1.8.65)
Mac Apple Chip (M1,M2, etc...)

Software Preview

CodeGen ToolBox will not totally be used for free since v1.6.53

CodeGen ToolBox previous source code had been published entirely.

As you may have known, we had opened the previous source code of the old CodeGen ToolBox entirely before on Github Website, meanwhile, we will no longer provide its entire source code since v1.6.53. No worries, the safety and Long-Time-Supported are still being guaranteed. We've thought about it very carefully, and eventually, we chose this way since it's probably the best way to keep CodeGen running faster with financial support from our users instead of putting annoying advertisements or selling private data.

Terms & Conditions for Premium Member

We promised that we will provide stable cloud service and frequent updates for CodeGen ToolBox, if our service is under long-term maintenance or anything else unexpected which causes our service unavailable, we will accordingly prolong the end date of the license you purchased. Meanwhile, please be assured that we will keep frequently updating our ToolBox, if we have no updates for 3 months or we decided not to no longer develop it, we will refund all remaining sums back to you. As what we mentioned it to you before, you would enjoy the permanent and fixed price from the moment you placed and paid the order on regardless of how our prices rise in the future.
The detail of pricing as below, please be noted it's not long-term price but an special offers and discount, we will advance its price gradually in the future. After having passed 12 major version and 119 minor version for CodeGen ToolBox, the present price list as below, please be noted it will rise when a new version is released..

Become our premium member only need 7.3 CNY or 1.25 USD per year

  • License for for 5 devices only cost 7.3 CNY or 1.25 USD per year
  • License for for 15 devices only cost 13.16 CNY or 2.16 USD per year
  • License for for 50 devices only cost 24.88 CNY or 4.08 USD per year
  • License for for 100 devices only cost 35.16 CNY or 5.86 USD per year

Learn More About Prices Plan

Last but not least, the virtual products can not be refunded except for any proper reason.

Technical and Service Supports

  • WeChat Personal Account: code755
  • WeChat Official Account: codegen100
  • QQ Account:3378530257
  • QQ Group:106038310
  • Telegram(it is unavailable presently, please contact us via other ways): codegen_toolbox
  • E-Mail: